In this age of information economy, we provide the logical alternative to the corporate practices by taking what we know out into the marketplace for sale to individuals or organisations that need it. The company is qualified to cater to a wide variety of clientele covering diverse aspects of trade and industries. Whether you are buying or selling, importing or exporting, building or bidding, RIBS can offer you relevant services and consultancy covering almost all aspects of business and day to day operations that constitute the key ingredients to the profitability of any enterprise. These services, which can enhance improving investment criteria, operational effectiveness, cost effectiveness and profitability, can be availed from the company on a selective or a turnkey basis.

What Do We Have to Offer?

We offer everything we know of course, to people who need that knowledge:

-Ability to organise: Helping disorganised people organise their work, presentations and speeches.
-Ability to stagemanage: Helping people with a fear of public speaking prepare their presentations and speeches.
-Ability to teach: From instructing people in organisations who need training in professional writing to how to get along with people different from themselves.
-Bargain hunting: Helping busy clients locate and purchase products and services they need as a personal locator.
-Editing and writing skills: Preparing papers, editing articles and book chapters, creating brochures and marketing documents for small businesses and professionals.
-Event planning: Organising special events and theme parties for businesses of all sizes, professional organisations and busy people who have no time to entertain but need to do so periodically.
-Procurment and Purchase: Recommending methods of procurements. Recommendations on suppliers and sources of supplies. Review and manage supply agreements.
-Professional resourcing: Broker to help match people to the specialists they need. Undertaking negotiations on agreements.
-Public relations: Creating connections and visibility for professionals and small businesses with budgets too small to afford an experienced in-house PR department or person.
-Representative and Operational facilities: Providing representative services and operational facilities to professional organisations and commercial enterprises on a short and/or long term basis.

So Whom Do We offer our services to?

-Customers for these services can range from megacorporations to busy individuals.

We have identified a few areas where we can execute our services more efficiently. These areas include:

-Business Development and Account Management in any industry.

- Leisure and Entertainment: Project consulting for Family Entertainment Centres (FECs), Cinemas, Special venues. Facilitating procurement, sourcing supplies of professional equipment and accessories for such projects and venues.
- Culture & Educational: Facilitating organisation of cultural, educational and special events. Procurement and Supplies of equipment & accessories for Educational Institutions and Cultural Centres.
- Bi-lateral and Multi-lateral Trade: Facilitating bi-lateral and multilateral trade activities, transactions in products and services, between organisations from various countries and Central & Eastern Europe.